HOW TO: Make Recycled Sand and Water Toys

Since we live in Florida a huge part of our free time to spent either playing in the sand at our local beach or splashing in the ocean or swimming pool. And what makes pool and beach time more fun? Sand and water toys, of course. Many of the sand and water toys that you will find at the store are made using flimsy (un-eco) plastic that easily cracks and breaks or they get lost or left at the pool – never to been seen again, and probably piling up in a landfill somewhere. So my son and I made a set of sand and water toys and everything we needed was in our recycling bin. The best part: If these toys get left behind at the pool or break – they can be tossed back into the recycling bin. Learn how to whip up a set of recycled sand and water toys for your kiddos.
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