How To Make Your Home Greener

The climate crisis is deepening and every day the clock ticks ever on. We cannot escape the fact that the way that we have been living as a society has damaged our world and that we need to do a lot more in order to change the tide. 

Many people may spend their time pointing the finger at big businesses and the world’s governments as being the people who are to blame for the lack of improvement in the health of the planet. But, while they need to change their ways, we all need to start making greener choices in our everyday lives. 

There are a lot of things that each and every one of us could be doing in order to make an impact on reducing the damage we are inflicting on the planet. Here are some ways that you could make your home greener. 

Look At Your Energy Sources

Who do you get your energy from? If you get your gas and electricity through one of the biggest energy providers, do you know how they produce this? There are many electricity companies that are still burning coal in order to fuel their power stations. This throws out a considerable amount of pollution into our atmosphere. So, every time you turn on the lights in your home, you are contributing to global warming. One option that you have at your disposal is to switch to a completely renewable energy provider. 

An option that is likely to save you money in the long run through is if you have your own solar power systems fitted to your property so that you can generate your own electricity. While it might be a big expense now, eventually you will see cost savings, as well as a reduction in emissions 

Regardless of your energy sources, you should ensure that you are not wasting valuable resources. Make sure that you turn lights off when you are not in the room, try not to leave the TV on, and don’t leave your computer on standby and plugged in. Use a smart meter to show you exactly how much energy you are using by doing simple things around the home. 

Eat Less Meat And Dairy 

The animal agriculture industry is responsible for a great deal of pollution on this planet. Meat consumption has risen dramatically over the last few decades. And, in order to produce more meat and dairy, we need more animal feed. That means more land to grow crops to produce feed. In order to obtain that land, forests are cut down. The rainforests are being destroyed to create farmland to feed our needs. 

By cutting down the amount of meat and dairy we all consume, the demand for this type of agriculture will drop.

Think about having days when you don’t eat any animal products. You can start to gradually increase these as you get used to cooking in new ways. You may even want to switch to a fully plant based vegan diet. 

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