The Earth-Friendly Changes You Won’t Even Notice

Becoming more environmentally friendly is something that most of us are keen to do. We’re all finally becoming more aware of the damage that we, and our bad habits, have been causing our planet, and that we need to make some changes. Some of these changes are big. Some are global in nature and affect every single one of us. But, there are plenty of changes that you can make yourself. 

Some of these changes are still pretty significant. You’ll undoubtedly have to put a little effort in if you want to give up your car and start walking more, and your bank balance will notice a considerable expense, like an electric car. But, not all changes come as such as shock. If you are in the habit of either saying, “well, nothing I could do will help enough” or, “I don’t want to change the way that I live.” Then these changes are things that you should consider at home. If we all did them, they’d make a substantial difference, but when it comes to your day to day life, you’ll barely notice. 

Solar Panels

Having solar panels installed can be an expense, but many of us are entitled to grants, and you’ll save a lot more money over their lifetime once they are in place. Yes, there may be some disruption as solar installers work, but once your panels are operational, you’ll start to enjoy their benefits, without noticing any change to your home life or power supplies. 


For the first few weeks, remembering to take your bags to the store, or to fill up your reusable bottles in the morning, can be tough, and many of us are guilty of forgetting. But, once you do get into that habit, you’ll soon start to resent having to pay for bags or bottles when you are out and about. 

Switch to a Renewable Energy Provider

Many energy providers today claim to supply 100% renewable energy. But, not all of them actually do. Check out your current provider’s policies, and consider a switch if necessary. You shouldn’t notice any difference, and most green providers now offer very competitive rates.

Unplug Devices and Skip Standby

Your devices might stop charging when they hit 100%, but they still run on the mains power. Unplugging them when they are fully charged, and turning appliances like your TV off, instead of on to standby, won’t affect your life, but it will save energy. 

Let the Sun Heat Your Home

The sun is exceptionally powerful. Even on a colder day, when the sun is out, shining through your windows, it can help you to keep warm. Follow the sun around your home, opening curtains when the sun is shining in, and closing them when it isn’t. This can help you to turn your heating off a few weeks earlier. 

Swap Your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies can contain harmful, unfriendly chemicals. We don’t need these. It’s perfectly possible, and safe to clean your home with natural products, which still kill germs. You can also switch to washable cloths instead of disposables. 


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