Make Waste Free Lunch a Reality in 2014 with a Reusable Lunch Box System

Have you been looking for an environmentally friendly lunchbox for school, work or on-the-go that is also stylish and functional? If so, have you considered a bento box? I love the way each food item has it’s own area, keeping dry foods dry and dips and sauces under control.

We have used bento style lunch boxes for many years and feel that they are a very convenient option that is easy to use, safe (especially the stainless steel and glass versions) and easy to clean.

Tweet: Tip: If all school aged children used a waste-free lunchbox, it would save 1.2 billion pounds of landfill waste annually. @SweetGreens

How do you save the Earth at lunch time? Do you have a particular style of reusable lunch box that you adore. Please share below – your tips help us all!

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