Nothing New Halloween: Star Wars Jedi and Ash Ketchum from Pokemon

Happy Halloween Weekend. Are you ready for the big day? Eben’s school is celebrating the holiday by asking the children to dress up as their favorite storybook character. After much debate, Eben is going as a Jedi Master from the original Star Wars books. He has had this costume for years – he wore it to his Star Wars themed birthday party and to the theatre release of The Clone Wars. This authentic costume was made for a Star Wars video shoot – and since it was used, I was able to get a terrific deal on it via eBay. And since I keep all of Eben’s Halloween costumes, it will be handed down to his children one day.

P.S. I tried to convince him that he would make a fantastic Tom Sawyer for Storybook Character Day? He disagreed saying that he has to dress up as a storybook character – not a classic storybook character. And since his teacher liked the idea – that was that.

However, for trick or treating he really wanted to be Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. And since we try to not purchase anything new for his Halloween costumes, we made an Ash Ketchum costume using clothing pieces that we were able to find in his closet and felt and glue from my craft closet. It was fairly easy to put together and it gave Eben and I a reason to finally make a Pikachu stuffed toy.

Here is what we came up with:

What do you think?
What are you or your children dressing up as for Halloween?
Did you make or purchase your costume?


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