Recovery From Addiction – The Eco-Friendly Way

As the recent opioid epidemic has shown, people from all walks of life are susceptible to addiction. The good news is that help has never been more available. There are now even types of therapy that integrate a more eco-friendly ethos. A topic you can read all about below.  


First and foremost, getting into Detox Treatment For Drug Abuse is essential if you want to recover. Indeed, while the other suggestions you will find here and online may help you rebuild your life, getting professional support is one of the most vital and effective things you can do. 

Remember too that it doesn’t matter whether you have been to rehab before, or whether it’s your very first time. What matters is taking things as they are right now, and working day by day towards your goal of being clean. 

Indeed, it is only once you have established your sobriety you can then go on to enrich your life by pursuing your other goals such as working to protect the environment. 

However, it is vital to bear in mind that offering ‘CPR’ to other good causes or people, when you are struggling to breathe yourself, just isn’t sustainable. Instead, you have to choose to put your own well-being first, to get well. 


Please, don’t get us wrong here, and mistakenly think that going hiking will cure your addiction, as it is won’t. After all, addiction is a complex physical and psychological issue that requires treatment from trained professionals. Instead, hiking needs to be seen as an adjunct therapy, one of many strategies you use to enhance your life once you have successfully completed rehab. 

The critical benefit of hiking for those that have had issues of addiction is that it encourages them to get out into nature. This means they get access to plenty of fresh air, vitamin D, and can move their body. The great thing about all these actions is that they naturally boost mood, and a better mood can make the struggles of staying clean day to day a lot easier to handle.


Another life-enhancing activity that may help former addicts maintain their recovery is taking up gardening. Many of the benefits of getting your hands dirty in the garden are similar to those of hiking such as being out in nature and the fresh air and plenty of vitamin D. 

However, there is one major difference and it’s being able to tend to and grow your own crops. This is something that can be beneficial in several ways, the first is that it can be very emotionally satisfying to grow things from the ground up, and your plant’s growth can be a very visual and poignant reminder of your own progress. 

Secondly, by choosing to grow fruits and vegetables, gardeners will have crops that they can harvest and eat, and a healthy one at that. Something that can further help to support their recovery both physically in terms of diet and psychologically in terms of making healthy choices regarding the things they consume. 

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