REVIEW: Blue Orange Games are Fun for Eco Kids On the Go

Our family is a huge fan of board games – we have a large trunk coffee table that is full of games to play together. We try to spend a couple of nights every week playing board games after dinner. And we even have board games in our RV – they are perfect for rainy afternoons or nights that are simply too chilly for a campfire.

Recently we found the perfect games for on-the-go entertainment in Blue Orange Games. Each game is small and comes packaged in a tin – these are perfect for throwing in my handbag or the glove compartment in my car. I pull them out when we are in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, or traveling for long periods of time via car or airplane. Eben and I received samples of Tell Tale and Spot It to review and we found the games to be simple and fun. 

Tell Tale: Take a Journey Into Storyland is a game where the players create stories based on the pictures on each card. You can follow the rules that are included, however we found it fun to make up stories about what we saw as we went through the deck.
Spot It is a simple matching game with a huge fun factor. You split the deck equally amongst all of the players and you match the likeness between the cards laid down and the cards that you have in your hand. The object is to get rid of your cards first – which takes a lot of concentration.

These games would make great Valentine’s Day gifts or a fun way to surprise children at the beginning of a long car ride or when they are bored at the doctor’s office. And the best part, Blue Orange Games plants two trees for every tree they use for the construction of the game. Fantastic.

What simple, fun, eco-friendly games have your found to be perfect for traveling? 

Full Disclosure: We received free samples of Blue Orange Games in exchange for our honest opinion. There are affiliate links in this posts, any purchases you make help keep Sweet Greens in business. Thank you for your support!

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