8 Home Improvements To Make The Most Of Natural Views Outside

If your home overlooks a stunning landscape or natural vista, you are one of the lucky few ones out there. It’s one of the best features you can show off to your guests when they visit, and it’s no secret that homes with amazing views tend to sell more, which could eventually fetch you a decent profit. The average home with a view, such as a lake or ocean, can boost its value by 75-100%. But it can be a little challenging, especially when you have to figure out the best home design that would help you make the most out of your views. It’s normal to want to bring your home to life if it has beautiful scenery. Fortunately, there are tons of ways you can do that and be the envy of your neighbors and friends. Here are some great tips and ideas on giving your home more character and style while enhancing your views. 

  1. Build a sustainable deck

Are you thinking of building a deck to create an outdoor living space? Decks can be relatively expensive to build, especially depending on the size. However, they are wonderful additions to various outdoor activities. They are also great if you want to fully immerse yourself in your home’s beautiful scenery and surroundings. There are several deck designs to consider, but if you want your landscape or view to be the focus of your outdoors, you will need to go with a simple design that doesn’t compete with the beauty of your view. 

This design will focus on your outdoors while also giving you, your house members, and other guests the opportunity to spend some downtime outside, whether for a fun dinner party or some much-needed quality time. 

  1. Include built-Ins

Built-ins are amazing. Not only are they sources of extra storage space, but they can beautify your home at the same time. If you’re fortunate enough to have a home with several built-ins, ensure that you use them to the best of your capability. You can turn that cozy built-in corner into a book nook, where you can catch up on your reading and admire the view outside. 

You don’t have to worry if your home doesn’t come with any built-ins. You can do that or hire a local carpenter to help you construct the perfect built-in, so feel free to consider this. Since you want to take in most of the scenery surrounding your home, it would be best to situate your built-in close to a window and turn it into your sanctuary.

  1. Replace your windows with energy-efficient ones

If you live in an older house, likely, its windows may not let you fully appreciate the view. That said, you will need a home window replacement, so keep this in mind. Changing your windows comes with a lot of amazing benefits. Apart from being more functional and allowing you to get clearer views of nature around your home, it also helps increase the value of your home. Most modern windows are also energy efficient, which helps you spend less on energy bills. It also cools down your home better, as it keeps a large percentage of heat from filtering into your home. 

Some windows also block out external noises, which can be great since you can peacefully and quietly admire the view from your home without any distractions. Plus, when you change your windows, you get the opportunity to redesign your entire home and transform it from a traditional home to a modern one. 

  1. Work with neutral colors

The best thing about colors is that they come in various hues and shades. If you have a beautiful view that you would like to showcase in your home, you should work with colors that help enhance its beauty. Neutral colors can also make your home feel serene and bring in more light, allowing you to see more of what your surroundings offer. The more neutral or muted the color, the better your landscape or view stands out. Colors like white, brown, beige, and grey are all excellent options.

A typical example is using beige or grey walls for a room with a full view of the coast, trees, or leads to your outdoors. Of course, you can add a pop of color wherever possible, especially if you’re someone that appreciates a little brightness. You can use a color that matches your view and ties everything together. 

  1. Beautify your landscape with zero/low water plants

Even if you have an amazing view of the ocean, it can be easily marred by your landscape, especially when it isn’t kept in good condition. Instead, why don’t you enhance your views even further by upgrading your landscaping? 

Fortunately, maintaining a beautiful landscape shouldn’t take much work. You can plant beautiful flowers and trees to give it color, decorate it with some lights and add a few furniture pieces. Ensure that decorating your front and back yards matches your home’s overall look and personality. However, when decorating your landscape, ensure that it doesn’t block your natural view or make everything seem too much. 

  1. Add a balcony 

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you probably know how important balconies are, especially when enjoying views. It’s a great way to add more space to your home and spend some time outdoors. There’s nothing like enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset on your balcony. It’s a priceless experience that you might miss out on. You should consider getting a balcony if your home doesn’t have one. 

Apart from the views, it’s a great way to get some fresh air. And if you have a green thumb, you can turn your balcony into your private garden. Adding a balcony can also make your home more attractive and increase its resale value. And you will especially come to love quiet moments admiring the scenery. 

  1. Build another level

One of the best ways to get the best views without obstructions is to add another level to your current home. But before you hire a contractor, you would have to check with building laws in your area to ensure that you can do that. Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong with building up. Alternatively, you can try a split-level design. It’s more cost-friendly, as you wouldn’t have to spend much on foundations and give your home that illusion of another level. Plus, you would have the advantage of redesigning your space to help you get more access to your views. 

  1. Check out your design layout

Your current home design layout is crucial to how best you can maximize your views. Too much furniture and items can obstruct your view. A home with too many walls can also prevent you from getting a 360-degree view of your surroundings. 

To get the best, having an open-space floor plan would be the most suitable option. Alternatively, if walls limit you, you must decide on which rooms need to have the most access to the view. It could be your living room or the master bedroom. All it would take is some careful consideration and planning. 

Having a scenic vista surrounding your home is truly amazing. Not only will it set the tone for the overall look and feel of your home, but it can serve as a stunning backdrop. Whether it’s a view of the mountains, ocean, or city skyline, these tips will help you make the most out of them. Ensure that your home takes advantage of your views with as many rooms as possible.

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