Gallatin National Forest: Waterfall Hiking

A large chunk of our fall family trip to Montana including hiking trips! I have to admit, these were my favorite parts of the trip – I could hike all day, everyday! The first hike that we took when we arrived was in the Gallitin National Forest. We packed the bear spray and reusable water bottles and set off for the day! Take a peek at our adventure.

–The happy hikers include: River, Shad, McKenzie, Eben, Jayson + Me!

River and Eben couldn’t resist crossing the river every time we came across a fallen tree! Can you blame them?

We also came upon a huge hillside covered with large chunks of rock that had fallen off the face of the mountain. Once again, the kids wanted to explore!

Eben and River getting ready for the long-descend down to a hidden waterfall!

P.S. The morning of our fall family trip, we left for the airport at 2 a.m.! Eben was suppose to put on his Keen sandals on our way out the door, instead he put on his Crocs. I didn’t notice until we were going through security at the airport. 

During this first hike, he tumbled down a small section of the mountain when we hiked down. I was terrified – he wasn’t hurt, not a scratch! But, after that first hike – we made him wear his sneakers the rest of the trip. Lesson: Hiking shoes are super important – don’t forget yours!

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