Your Quick Guide to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling at Home

If you want to start to live in a more sustainable way, then it starts at home. There are plenty of things that you can do, right from the comfort of your own home, in an effort to live sustainably. The main focus of this kind of living is three points; reduce, reuse, and recycle. You are likely to have heard all about those three things before, but what do they really mean? Here are some ideas for you, to show how you can reduce, reuse, and recycle at home.


Reducing is all about using less and cutting down on the things that we use in the home, as well as the waste that we create. It can be about your energy levels too and how much energy you consume in the home. If you want to reduce how much waste you create, then it can start off with where you shop for groceries, for example. Look at how much waste plastic packaging there is, as well as deals and offers that are on. Do you really need certain items? If there is a buy-one-get-one-free deal, would you actually make use of the other item or would it end up being wasted? Of course, it could be given to someone else, but still, if it isn’t something that is a necessity, then is there a point taking up the deal if it will just end in unnecessary waste? 

If you want to reduce how much energy you use, then there are a number of ways that you can do just that. Your laundry is one of the main places to start. If you normally run a hot wash, then put your clothes on a cold wash instead. This can save a pretty significant amount of energy, believe it or not, as you don’t need to use up a lot of energy to heat up the water for the machine. The same goes for using the dryer too. Could you hang clothes out to dry outside instead? 


Reusing things in our home can be one way to reduce, as well as recycle. We won’t need to buy more if we are reusing what we already have. One thing that is growing in popularity is water reuse. It is something that is easy to do, and yet it can make a massive difference. Bath water, waste water leftover in the sink, or collecting the water that you use from showing can all be used for things like plants, watering the lawn, and flushing the toilet. Collecting rainwater is another thing that you could do. 

No doubt there are a lot of things that you will throw away in your home. But how about looking at ways to reuse them, rather than just throwing them out? Could you keep old milk bottles or laundry liquid bottles and use them for other things? You should also think about the furniture that you have in your home too. So many bulky items end up in landfill when really, they are in  fine condition and could be used again. Take a table and chairs, for example. With the right kind of tools, you could be able to reupholster the chairs, or the table could be sanded down or repainted for a new purpose. The wood from the table could be made into shelving perhaps too. Just make sure that you have the right power tools for the job, as you can see here, and then you’ll be able to make something great. Reusing, and making a habit out of it, is something that can benefit everyone. 


There are so many things that we can recycle. However, there are some materials that will require a little extra effort on our part, in order to get them to be recycled. Collect them up, find out where they can be recycled, and then you can go from there. Just because they can’t be recycled with your trash collection, doesn’t mean that it can’t be recycled at all. You can get a little creative with recycling too. There are so many things that you can make with waste boxes, packets, and bottles, and things like ripped clothes could become cleaning rags. 

When you live in a more sustainable way, it is great for everyone. You don’t need to spend a lot in order to live in this way. It is all about switching your mindset and thinking about the things that you can do that will make a difference. 

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