You Can Be a ‘Green Parent’ Too! 3 Simply Steps to Get You Started!


by Amanda

As you may already be aware, green parenting has fast become a new trend. Even though many of us have been on this band wagon for a long time, celebrities as well as people of all walks of life are now taking steps to not only reduce their carbon footprint but their kiddo’s as well. Hooray! Green parenting can be achieved through a series of simple thoughtful changes. There are endless ways you can do your part but we’ve put together a few expert tips on how you can easily reduce your baby’s carbon footprint starting today. Here’s a list of a few of our favorites:

1. Breast is Best
It’s not like you need to hear another beneficial reason to breastfeed but know that it is the ultimate green source of food for your baby. The milk you produce will be environmentally friendly because it doesn’t need to be processed, packaged and shipped to the shops, unlike formula milk.

2. Say YES to Hand-Me-Downs
Like with most things, the main carbon and environmental impact of clothing and furniture is in its production. Taking hand-me-downs from friends and family or getting clothes from charity shops extends the life of a garment and diminishes its carbon impact. Additionally, by using second-hand cribs, high chairs, strollers, etc. you will extend the life of that object and negate the need for a new one to be created.

3. Be Smart with Washing/Drying
We all know that kids, especially babies, are incapable of staying clean for longer than five minutes. However, start being more considerate of how often you are changing their outfits and make sure that the washing you do is unavoidable. Something else to consider is drying your clothes outside on a line or inside under a fan when possible as the tumble dryer uses enormous amounts of energy and adds a big chunk on to baby’s carbon footprint.

One of the best things you can do as a parent is to create eco conscious children. Talk to your kids from a young age about the importance of a low-carbon lifestyle and explain your reasoning. They will grow up to follow your example and pass the message on to future generations!

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