7 Ways To Have A Fun and Eco-Friendly Road Trip

Road trips can be so much fun and an amazing way to bond with both friends and family – however, you also want to make sure you’re doing your bit for the environment. While road trips can be fun, they can also be a little damaging to the environment if you’re not mindful. If you want to not only have a fun road trip but an eco friendly trip, you’ve come to the right place! 

Below, we have 7 ways you can have a fun and eco friendly road trip so that you can incorporate them into your next load of plans. Take a look, have fun, and do your bit:

  1. Choose The Right Car

First of all, make sure you choose the right car. This may mean renting a car that is not your own – but for all intents and purposes, now might be the time to upgrade to a more eco-friendly model if you’re worried about the environment. Buy a car that is fuel efficient – or even a hybrid/electric car if you can. Those cars do come with a set of their own considerations, as you need to make sure there are charging points along the way for you. That being said, you could definitely make it work with some preplanning. 

  1. Pack Light 

You might be tempted to take extras with you, but make it your mission to pack as lightly as possible. Keeping the car light will enhance your fuel efficiency. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle, too! 

  1. Take Reusable Containers and Bags 

Take your own reusable containers and bags so that you don’t need to purchase a load of plastic wrapped items while you’re out and about. If you do need to buy items, try to avoid buying things that are excessively wrapped and go for environmentally friendly options instead. Even taking your own knives and forks can help you to avoid needing those plastic ones! 

  1. Never Litter – Alway Tidy Up After Yourself

Never litter, even if it’s fruit peel. Tidy up after yourself. Have a bag in the car and use it as a trash bag and then take it to a bin when you find one. If you can still separate items to be recycled while you’re on the road, that’s even better. Just don’t throw your litter out of the window or leave it laying around for someone else to deal with – or for wildlife to eat. 

  1. Make Sure The Car Is Fit To Drive

Always check over the car, especially the tire pressure before you set off. Not only will this mean you won’t have to work with an expert personal injury attorney due to a car accident, you’ll save money and the planet as you won’t be emitting more carbon emissions. 

  1. Leave Any Area You Visit Better Than You Found It

This could mean clearing up a little mess you didn’t make, but do try to leave an area better than when you found it! 

  1. Don’t Feed The Wildlife 

Leave the wildlife well alone and don’t feed them your food. You could do more harm than good!

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