Blue Orange Games are the Perfect Family Holiday Gift

My family loves card and boardgames – our family room coffee table is a large square trunk that is filled to the brim with our favorites. We also have a few bowls on our dining room table full of our favorite card games and I have been known to keep a couple in my handbag for long waits at the doctor’s office. In our home I like to keep these games where they are in sight and easy to grab – it’s amazing how often Eben will ask me to play a game, instead of turning on the TV or video games after dinner!

For the holidays, I always pick up a few new board and card games to add to our family game trunk. This year I was surprised to find a fun package from Blue Orange Games, it in were two new games: Spot It! Party and 20 Express – hooray the holidays came early!

Spot It! Party is an expanded version of the original. Accessories inject a new factor of frenzied fun and all new symbols rev up the challenge. Discover never-before-seen ways to play like Dynamite and Double Frenzy. This is a great game for large groups – perfect for those upcoming holiday parties!

20 Express is one of my favorite number games. The goal is to create the longest ascending numerical series possible. Twenty numbered tiles are randomly drawn. With every draw, the number must board a car and stay there. Break a series and you miss out on points. Like in Bingo, you need luck on your side, but number sense and sharp guesswork pays off. This is a great game for large groups and older children.

Other Blue Orange Games that we have in our game trunk that we really enjoy include: Sketch It! (This one is definitely one of our favorites – we all love to draw and always end up giggling the whole time), Speedeebee! (This is one of Eben’s favorites – he loves games that require speed to win!) and Spot It! (This is another game of speed and tons of fun!)

If you are looking for fun, high-quality games that are eco-friendly too – I highly recommend that you check them out. My favorite part besides the games being super fun, most of the games come in sturdy tins that don’t fall apart, and the pieces are super high-quality, you won’t be disappointed!

+ Blue Orange Games

Full Disclosure: I received Blue Orange Games to review – my family has been enjoying Blue Orange Games for years, and we love the products, so I wanted to share them with you!


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