The Birthday Project: Give an Organic Lemon Tree

Today is the misters birthday and Eben wanted to surprise him with a birthday project. In our family, we like to give projects (something we can do together) as birthday gifts. The project that he choose was planting an organic lemon tree together. Eben was very adamant that it be a lemon tree – even if that meant that we had to go to three organic nurseries before we found the perfect tree. Ever since we moved back to Florida – the mister has been mentioning that he would love to have one. Then, last week at the Green Market, Eben purchased a cup of lemonade that the vendor squeezed right before his eyes. (He was very impressed!) When Eben gave the mister a taste, he said it was the best lemonade he had ever tasted. Later that day, Eben pulled me aside to tell me that he had the perfect idea for Daddy’s birthday project – a lemon tree.

So, Eben and I took a trip to our local organic nursery and purchased a lovely little organic lemon tree, organic potting soil and a big green pot made from recycled materials. When the mister comes home from work – he and Eben will plant the tree together. This has always been a very special way to build memories around a special occasion.

P.S. We are also giving the mister an annual membership to his favorite botanical gardens to go with his lemon tree.

Have you ever given a project as a birthday gift? What kind?
Update: It has been almost 3 years since Eben gave the mister the organic lemon tree as a birthday gift. It has grown into a large tree and we enjoy it all season long!

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