Getting Back to Nature in Thailand

Attracting over 22 million visitors each year, Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in the world, with Bangkok also holding the title as the most visited city in the world. Visitors come to enjoy the culture, historic sights and above all the natural beauty that this amazing country has to offer.

Thailand’s National Parks
With over 100 national parks you are never far from an abundance of natural beauty spots in Thailand. National Parks such as Mae Tho stretch for over 990 metres² and offer mountains that reach 1,699 metres above sea level and lush forest featuring the rarest of wildlife. If you visit the Doi Inthanon National Park in the Chiang Mai province you will have entered part of the Himalayan mountain range with the highest peak sitting at 2,565 metres above sea level. Viewing the 100 metre waterfalls, exploring ancient caves and rafting down the Mae Jaem River are just a few of the attractions at Doi Inthanon.

Khao Lak’s Pristine Beaches
If you are looking to escape the bustle of Thailand’s cities then Khao Lak holidays will provide you with some of the country’s best beaches. Khao Lak is located 60km north of Phuket and is regarded as an almost spiritual place due to its serene atmosphere, secluded beaches and beautiful parkland setting. The region also offers some of the world’s most famous diving sites, beautiful tropical gardens and immense national parks. Some of the most unspoilt beaches in Thailand are located here including Nan Thong, Bang Sak and Bang Niang.

Khao Pra Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary
Stretching over 170 square acres the Khao Pra wildlife sanctuary offer some amazing sights, not least of which is an abundance of the rarest birds. Black Hornbills, Wallace’s Hawk Eagles and Blue banded kingfishers are just a few of the birds that can be spotted along the 2.7Km nature trail. Overnight camping is permitted here and visitors can enjoy swimming in the calcium carbonate rich Emerald Pool located at the heart of the sanctuary. After walking the nature trail visitors can also enjoy a rejuvenating dip in the nearby 30C hot springs.

Guest Post by Jennifer Viloria
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