October Traditions: Spooky Tales by Candlelight

Now that Eben is getting older, he isn’t into Mr. Sweet Greens reading aloud to us (heck, we can barely bet him to hang out with us at all!) Ha!

Unless it is during the month of October. That is when our family enjoys our fun tradition, Mr. Sweet Greens reads us spooky tales by candlelight. It really is a treat!

We close the curtains, kill the lights, light our eco-friendly candles and put our reusable tea lights in all of our indoor Halloween decorations. It really gets us in the Halloween spirit and it is neat to see Eben get really excited for it. We usually have a yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies or another pumpkin treat along with homemade apple cider or cocoa.

I am looking for a spooky book to read together this month – any recommendations? Does your family have spooky October traditions? Please share them in the comments section!

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